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CDB History

CDB Corp History CDB began with one man's fascination with ceramic. That fascination sparked a revolution in the bracket industry, proclaiming the arrival of aesthetic ceramic brackets. The company, once known as Ceramic Dental Brackets Corporation, began in 1989 with a very unique business plan...cater to other manufacturers. With bracket manufacturers as partners, rather than competitors, CDB Corporation entered the orthodontic industry, and immediately began gaining a global presence.

CDB sought to become a leader in orthodontic manufacturing and began putting together a team of experts from within the industry. In 1994 composite brackets were added and in 2001 the company began offering a metal slot option to both ceramic and composite lines.

In 2009 CDB unveiled their most successful product for the time, the PolySapphire® line.

Under the direction of managing director Wolf Branner a significant continuous improvement initiative launched throughout the entire organization in 2012. The focus progressed to advancements in critical manufacturing capabilities, expanded research and development expertise as well as new technologies to ensure sustainable growth for the company.

This result, in 2015 CDB revealed its most innovative product to date, PolySapphire® plus - the industry's first clear ceramic injection molded true twin bracket system.

This success paved the way for CDB's latest development yet to be revealed, PolySapphire® Self-Ligating - an advanced clear, low profile self-ligating system.

CDB takes great pride remaining behind the scenes shaping the future of the aesthetic ceramic bracket industry helping our customer's move forward forging new partnerships - their success is our success.