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Keep On Smiling


When you work with CDB, you are not just a customer, you become a partner.  Like any good partner, you should expect us to have just as much passion and enthusiasm about your project as you do.  You can also expect world class service and expertise.

Once we begin working together, our engineers will begin with the most important step in the development process...listening.  Whether you have a concept or completed design, we take great pride in our ability to ascertain exactly what your needs and specifications are.  What you will also receive is expert advice.  From concept to commercialization the CDB team will assure you that your design is the best it can be or advise on ways to make it even better.

Service doesn't end with design, as a partner we continue to work with you through every facet of development and commercialization all the way to packaging, assembly, forecasting and on demand marketing assistance.  Our goal is to work together to maximize your sales potential and make you shine!