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Ceramic Brackets

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Ceramic Dental Brackets NC


CDB knows ceramic dental brackets; it's what we specialize in. With our unbeatable combination of performance, comfort and beauty, CDB ceramic brackets have changed how the world views aesthetic brackets all together. It starts with polycrystalline alumina, a material with properties similar to those of a diamond, the hardest substance known to man. Our proprietary processes, advanced ceramic expertise and industry know-how result in the finest comprehensive line of quality ceramic brackets. CDB ceramics are available in most prescriptions with or without bio-compatible metal slot inserts. Depending on your specific requirements, high performance design possibilities are virtually endless.


Inconspicuous - Tooth colored ceramic adapts perfectly to blend naturally with enamel.

Comfortable - Smooth, rounded surfaces and lower profile designs provide exceptional patient comfort.

Impervious - Does not discolor and resist staining from food, drink and other sources.

Reliable - Superior ceramic materials ensure the ultimate combination of strength and mechanical shock forgiveness.

Secure - Advanced base designs deliver optimal mechanical bonding.