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Design Engineering

Design Engineering

At the heart of every project lies one simple, but incredibly important philosophy and that is, "timing is everything." When we combine our 20 years of world-class ceramic manufacturing and engineering with the sophistication of SolidWorks 3D Cad solutions, your concept will become a reality. We relish the challenge of working with a design only thought to exist as a stainless product and bring it to reality in aesthetics, both ceramic and composite.

After carefully listening to your needs and reviewing your design schematics, we will create a virtual three-dimensional mock-up. This important stage is where we will determine potential challenges a particular design may encounter. This determination is based on years of experience and industry expertise considering the needs of all beginning with the distributor to the doctor and ultimately the patient.

Prior to commercialization and perhaps the most important stage of the development process is utilizing CDB's proprietary prototyping capabilities. Our engineering team has the ability to quickly and cost effectively fabricate working prototypes for review and testing. With this process, we can produce a full set of working brackets from CAD drawings within weeks.

Whether you need ceramic duplication of a stainless line or the latest innovation in bracket design, with CDB you save time and money. You can move forward with any product line knowing that your brand is being represented with the highest quality possible.