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Keep On Smiling


CDB Manufacturing Today CDB is a global organization with a vast network of capabilities and a strong record of success serving the          orthodontic industry. We have been successfully engineering and producing aesthetic brackets for over two decades. We take great pride in delivering custom solutions for customers; it's our specialty.

CDB's manufacturing processes provide the means to tailor product solutions for both large and small companies worldwide. All products are manufactured in the USA and fall under two strategic divisions:

Advanced Ceramic Manufacturing

Capacity and advanced ceramic expertise are what keep CDB at the forefront delivering exceptional value for all CDB ceramic products. Whether you looking for complex precision components or speed to market is a necessity, CDB's has the manufacturing abilities to satisfy your demand.

Our highly sophisticated ceramic injection molding (CIM) technology make it technically feasible to produce medium to large volumes of complex, ultra-high precision ceramic components. This technology brings intricate geometries and complex product designs together with superior performance characteristics of ceramic.

When rapid development and commercialization are a priority, CDB's critical manufacturing techniques combined with proprietary machining processes offer, customizable product solutions in just a few months.

High-tech Composite Resin Manufacturing

Advanced formulas and materials bring new choices in composite manufacturing. Innovative design features and specialized product attribute possibilities are virtually endless. Various composite materials offer options in both ultra-clear and tooth colored to satisfy any aesthetic need.

With no exception, all of us at CDB are committed to preserving our legacy and long-term commitment to keep you smiling. It would be our pleasure to support your business with our in-house expertise, advanced technology and years of experience delivering quality aesthetic appliances exclusively made for you.