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A powerful combination - beauty, performance, strength.

Discover PolySapphire® plus, a truly remarkable bracket system that takes beauty, performance and durability to new heights. With exceptional aesthetics and superior performance features only achieved with highly sophisticated, ceramic injection molding technology PolySapphire® plus is one of the most dynamic aesthetic brackets available to date. PolySapphire®Plus

Beauty and comfort unmatched by all other ceramics–sheer brilliance.

PolySapphire®plus is nearly invisible. So much so the brackets permit the natural color of the tooth to penetrate through providing one of the most brilliant aesthetic appearances in ceramics today.


If beauty and invisibility weren’t enough, PolySapphire®plus delivers greater comfort for patients as well. The smooth, rounded edges and low profile design combined with anatomically shaped contour of the tie wings minimizes soft tissue contact with the bracket to deliver the utmost comfort possible.

Exceptional Performance

State of the art injection molding manufacturing methods means unmatched precision. Engineered to be strong, reliable and perform to your highest expectations. PolySapphire® plus brackets are injection molded using a proprietary high-density ceramic material to produce a stronger, denser bracket with a more uniform surface, eliminating the potential for fractures.


Mechanical Base

PolySapphire This fully mechanical Triple-X base is the first of its kind. With a little ingenuity and lots of expertise CDB has developed a revolutionary manufacturing technique, generating special undercuts on the bonding surface of the base.

These unique undercuts ensure a fully mechanical, secure bond. The Triple-X base shape is also multi-contoured allowing for a precise fit. Retention is strong and fully mechanical but the Mechanical Base bracket debonds reliably at the adhesive without fracturing or damage to the enamel.

Rest assured, with the Triple-X base the bracket will remain securely bonded throughout the entire treatment.

PolySapphire®plus Debonding


Reduced Treatment Time

PolySapphire®plus brackets experience significantly less friction-41% less than conventional sapphire brackets. Less friction optimizes the movement of teeth and shortens the overall patient treatment time.

Precise Bracket Placement

Slot and Cross color marking provide precise bracket placement with a choice of customizable color slot marking in either the horizontal slot(slot marking) or both the vertical and horizontal slots (cross marking).

Program Information

PolySapphire®plus is available in both Roth and McLaughlin, Bennett, Trevisi prescriptions in slot size 022 or 018 with or without hooks on 4 and 5.

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