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Poly Sapphire SL®


Precision. Speed. Control. All in one aesthetic appliance.

Discover CDB’s clear, fully interactive self-ligating bracket system-Poly Sapphire Self Ligating. A technologically advanced appliance that brings more than ever before to both the patient and orthodontic practice.

Through the combination of advanced manufacturing techniques and state-of-the-art design, this self-ligating system provides the precision and performance necessary deliver outstanding rotational control, reduced friction, superior bond strength and case of use.

The high-density ceramic material of the bracket body not only ensures the durability and strength, it also provides the brilliant aesthetics expected from today’s most image-consciouspatients. The smooth, rounded edges and lower profile hook minimize soft tissue contact providing the utmost comfort possible.

Even so, what sets this appliance system apart from other self- ligating brackets is the superplastic Nickel-Titanium spring clip. The exceptional memory characteristic of Nickel-Titanium ensures reliable operation without the risk of deformation throughout the entire length of treatment. The Rhodium coating ensures inconspicuous appearance and optimizes aesthetics.

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