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Poly Sapphire ®

Expect everything. See nothing.

CDB’s state-of-the art technology takes a revolutionary leap forward to bring together unparalleled performance with the ultimate invisibility you never thought possible.

Setting new standards in orthodontic brackets, the design possibilities permitted by PolySapphire® allow for the highest level of quality results, patient comfort and the most dazzling aesthetics.

The ultimate combination of aesthetics and performance.

PolySapphire® is the clear choice in aesthetic orthodontic brackets. With its superior strength, brilliant aesthetics and virtually limitless design possibilities. PolySapphire® provides remarkable advantages over conventional sapphire and ceramic brackets available today.

Enhanced Patient Comfort

PolySapphire® allows for smaller bracket construction and lower, smoother profiles, minimizing soft tissue contact and delivering the greatest comfort possible for patients. Rest assured, patients stay looking great thanks to the resilient, highly polished surface that functions as a protective barrier against the toughest staining elements. With PolySapphire® even the most self-conscious, tight-lipped patients will feel confident to show off their winning smile and have the self-assurance to KEEP ON SMILING.

Reduced Treatment Time

Poly Sapphire brackets experience significantly less friction -35% less than conventional sapphire brackets. Less friction optimizes the movement of teeth and shortens the overall patient treatment time. 

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